Emergency Kit Information — Aphasia-Friendly

In order to address the need for aphasia-friendly disaster preparedness information, the Aphasia Center of California (ACC) adapted FEMA’s “Basic Emergency Supply Kit” checklist. We obtained input from Aphasia Center of California participants regarding the format, content, layout, and accessibility of the materials via focus group discussions and one-on-one interviews. Their feedback directed the look and feel of the final documents. A number of ACC members told us they preferred a two-column document with photographs, highlighting, and additional text. Other ACC members told us they preferred a more streamlined version with photographs but without any highlighting or added text.

Both versions are available for download below.

PLEASE NOTE: these documents load slowly because of the number of photographs:

Two-Column Version with photographs and highlighted text

Grid Version with photographs — no highlighting or added text

Thanks to speech-language pathologists Anne Carney, Dr. Roberta Elman, Lyssa Rome and Lauren Scheiner for their work on this project!