Aphasia Center of California programs are led by highly experienced speech-language pathologists who have dedicated their careers to the treatment of aphasia and other neurologic communication disorders. Our  life participation programs are innovative and range from book clubs and communication groups to recreational classes.

Our quality, personalized programs serve a wide range of participants—from younger to older adults, with varying levels of aphasia, and from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We have been able to keep our fees low by relying on the generosity of individual contributors who understand and value the work that we do.

Overall, the Aphasia Center of California is a needed community resource that provides innovative, life-changing programs. No other organization in the region offers the same opportunity for participants and their family members to come together to help each other succeed. We honor and respect the whole person, and it shows in the communication breakthroughs and smiles of our participants.

“Your efforts are such an unusual combination of professionalism, expertise, and warm and deep human understanding.”