The Last Lecture

By Randy Pausch

Professor Randy Pausch provides life lessons for his young children so they’ll know him after his death from pancreatic cancer. An entertaining and inspirational true story. A New York Times bestseller and Internet sensation.

Materials Provided:
Recommended course length is 9 weeks; 10 weeks if an introductory session is desired. 9 units of materials. 49 pages total. Includes chapter highlights, three worksheets per unit, and a character list.. Due to the short length of many of the chapters, the units are combined as follows: Chapters 1-3, Chapters 4-7, Chapters 8-11, Chapters 12-16, Chapters 17-22, Chapters 23-27, Chapters 28-46, Chapter 47-58 and Chapters 59-61. A sample class schedule is also provided.

Click here for a snippet of the chapter highlights.

Price: $155.00 (U.S.)