The Book Connection


The Aphasia Center of California’s innovative Book Connection™ program began in 1999 and evolved from more traditional reading and writing groups. In 2004, we received a two-year grant from the Langeloth Foundation to replicate our Book Connection™ program at four sites in North America. The content and format of the Book Connection™ materials were enhanced as a result of the feedback we received from independent speech-language pathologists and people with aphasia.

The Book Connection™ manual and curriculum materials provide “reading ramps” to help make books accessible to individuals with acquired reading impairments. These reading ramps include materials for content review of chapters in the book, worksheets to promote comprehension and personal connection to the story, and guidelines for facilitating book club discussions. The materials and manual are contained in computer files that are downloaded by purchasers. In addition to the materials we have developed, book club members should acquire a print version and unabridged audiotape of the book. Step-by-step instructions for running a successful book club are included in our thorough Book Connection™ Manual. Your cost for the Book Connection™ materials is approximately $15 per week–this can be divided among participants.

Although these materials were specifically developed to accommodate the communication challenges associated with aphasia, they may also be appropriate for other populations.

The Book Connection™ Facilitator’s Manual

Ellen Bernstein-Ellis, MA, CCC-SLP
Roberta J. Elman, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, BC-ANCDS

The Book Connection™ Facilitator’s Manual contains:

  • How to organize and run a book club
  • Attributes of successful participants
  • How to recruit new participants
  • How to select a book for use in a book club
  • Where to find unabridged audiotapes and tape players
  • Types of tape players and useful features
  • How to assess course length and create appropriate schedules
  • How to use the chapter summaries in the discussion sessions
  • Ways to use the chapter worksheets
  • Things the facilitator needs to do when running a meeting
  • Ways the facilitator can encourage individual participation in discussions
  • Ways to utilize additional resources to enhance discussion sessions
  • How to determine course fees

Note: This 20 page manual is not available separately. It is bundled with the Book Connection™ materials–you will automatically receive it with your order.

Three types of worksheets are provided for every unit in each book. The purpose of the worksheets is to explore personal connections to the story, provide writing and drawing opportunities, and reinforce book content.

Please click the links below for examples:

Worksheet A: Typically 10-15 multiple choice or rating scale questions

Worksheet B: Typically 5-10 essay questions or themes

Worksheet C: Typically 5-10 questions with single word or drawn answers

"The Book Connection™ materials are great! The manual walked me through the entire process. With these materials, I was able to start a brand new aphasia book club. Our book club members really liked the chapter highlights and the worksheets. Thanks so much!"